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  • Resistance to the Timemap

    Mother... why is it that I don't feel the need to have a Timemap anymore, when two weeks ago I was waiting for money to order it?

The Shores of Eternity

The student learns to hold onto his dreams. The master, having an eternal perspective, learns to hold onto his dreams lightly. Joyously participating in life, he generates many dreams that follow each other endlessly, like waves that dash themselves upon the shores of eternity

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Statements about vastness and the body come up several times in the 384 mantras. This helps them all to connect and make more sense. As always, thank you so much!
Wow, I had no idea how devotional these teachings are, I just realized that it is everything I dreamt of and even more, like a prayer of devotion.
I love oil pulling and love that Almine endorses it! Coconut is the best.
Wow a string of paradoxes have just flowed through me leaving a mystery to unravel – but i feel a trap somehow. I cannot explain further but feel it with no words to explain – it is the games of the mind and in feeling this paradox the mind is cutting off the experence that just unfolded. It cannot handle the paradoxes just experienced. WOW , now i feel uncomfortable especially around the base of my throat. Hope this mystery unravells in me. Thank you Almine LPGST